Our 6PM service very much embodies the spirit of TUR. It is a service that is deeply informed by the history of our faith, that grounds itself in the historic creeds and confessions of Christianity. It is a service that addresses the tough topics of today, but isn’t satisfied with easy answers, it goes deeper, to explore and converse with both sides of an issue.

Our hope is that those who attend the 6pm service at TUR are taken on a journey of faith that deepens their understanding of who Jesus is, why we believe what we do, and how Christ truly is Lord of all. We hope that our congregants will be formed into faithful disciples who are able to articulate why they believe what they do, to thoughtfully answer the difficult questions that they may be faced with in the 21st century.

Faith seeking understanding

We hope to form them in such a way that they will be a people who are equipped to journey out into the world, recognising the deep history and community of their faith, and are able to live out of that because o the faithful, missional community that we create.

Our services express creativity in their decoration, their presentation, and the music – our team have an amazing, unique sound that has to be heard! You will often find odd bits and pieces of the long, deep tradition of the church dotted throughout our evening services – hymns, responsive prayers, reflection stations, even incense!

To listen to the evening service podcast then click the link below, which will take you to our archives.
Sunday PM Podcast

If you have any further questions then please feel free to email Ps Craig Heilmann at craig@upperroom.org.nz